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Surviving School: Week 3, 4 and 5 -- Way Too Much to Do!


Editor's note: Given his heavy load, this may be the conclusion to Christopher Sun's back-to-school blog, so be sure to read all of his earlier posts. Aside from being fun to read, they provide practical tips to help you cut the costs of school! Thanks, Chris - and good luck in your finals!


It's barely been a month and I want to have a large bonfire for all my school junk. Junk is what it feels like now that I’m falling behind.

Surviving School: Week 2 -- How Did It Get So Complicated?


I am such an idiot.

After spending hours and hours searching for the cheapest textbooks online, waiting days in anticipation for them to show up and hesitantly purchasing the odd expensive textbook from bookstores, I’ve just learned that I could have got them for free.

Well, sort of.

Surviving School: Week 1 -- Cutting the High Cost of Textbooks!


Hunting textbooks for my fall semester this week, it hit me that provincial governments have the power to control tuition costs (currently Quebec, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland have tuition freezes), but there's no controlling the escalating costs of textbooks. 

Today, a single textbook can set you back $200. If you take a full course-load, you could easily spend more than $1,000 a semester on your textbooks.

Surviving School: My Incredible Shrinking Student Loan


“Shouldn't there be an extra zero at the end of that?”