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  • Bankruptcy Didn’t Do It the First Time – Can I Try Again?


     Bankruptcy is the first topic for our 'Private Questions Go Public' series. And if you want more on this topic, read our new Student Loan Bankruptcy Q + A (Basic) 

  • Private Answers To Go Public

    Along with more and more users, we at Student Finance 101/Debt 101 keep getting more and more individual student loan questions.
    It's understandable. There are indeed many mysteries in the world of student loans.
    But the time pressures on this volunteer-run site just won't permit this kind of free individual counselling. And after all, this is what you're paying taxes and tuition fees for, right? Governments, banks and campuses should be answering these questions.

  • Hey Freshers - Watch That Easy Credit


    Summer holidays are over and school is starting tomorrow.

    This fall, Student Finance 101 will add new articles about provincial student loan programs, plus more tips on saving money and cutting student debt. 

    Many of these articles and tips will help people who have already finished university or are still in high school.

    But today's message is for those of you who start your first year of post-secondary school tomorrow:

    Watch out for the easy credit!

  • Summer Vacation: Hang Onto Your Money!


    I recently spoke with Emily Minthorn at about how students can save money over summer.

    Let's face it - it's hard these days to make big money during summer. Unemployment rates are still high enough that many students end up with a summer full of only part-time or occasional work. And wages are often low for student jobs, especially if your province has a low minimum or "training wage."

  • Government Website Blues


    The reason this non-profit website has been operating - since 1999 - was that our tax dollars still don't buy the student loan repayment information we need from Canada's provincial and federal governments.

    When it comes to adequate information on these programs, most governments flunk out.

  • More Hidden Costs of School


     In a sequel to yesterday's blog post, Hidden Costs of School, here are 3 things that could mess up your school budget if you don't prepare for them:


    1) Other interest costs.

    In yesterday's post, I discussed the interest on your student loan. But now we're talking about the interest costs on credit cards, a car, private student credit lines and so on.

    Some of these products have very high interest rates, like store and credit cards. Unless you can pay them in full every month, your debts could snowball fast.