A Ton of Calculators

Student Finance 101 calculators will help you save money and make smart financial decisions.

Our volunteer software programmers created original online calculators for students and grads in this section.

To give you a complete range, we complemented these with carefully selected online calculators. 

Finally, we've added clear instructions for every calculator so you can easily:

  • Calculate your student tax credits
  • Find extra money
  • Chop down your student loan or credit card debts
  • See how fast the career you want could pay off student loans
  • Show what you might save by consolidating debts
  • Compare car loans, child benefits, 'rent versus buy' and more...

What you learn here will put more money in your pocket! 

Here are the Calculators:

In School

In Payment

In Crisis

Calculators for Everyone

Car Tools

Money-Finder Guide

Sorted Calculators


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