The Debt Whacker: Yes, Paying Debt Is an Investment

Here's what you do... Enter the current payment terms for any one of your outstanding debts.

Despite the name of this calculator, this doesn't have to be a student loan. It can be any debt you want to wipe out faster. (You can print a schedule when you're done.)

Next, enter a monthly amount you could add to your current payment.

Then click on "Compute Return" to see your 'return on your investment' from that extra monthly payment.

That's right: return on your investment. Because paying debt IS an investment.

In fact, paying down your debt is usually the best investment you can make. And not only because it's so easy and safe. Paying off debt gives you guaranteed, tax-free, relatively high returns -- and you don't lose a penny to trading fees or commissions.

These days, what other investment can match that?

Debt Investment Calculator w/Amortization Schedule
Before you go throwing darts on Wall Street, check to make sure you can't earn a higher rate of return simply by investing in your own debt! For example, if you have a credit card balance that's costing you 19% per year, and you increase your payment, you will get a guaranteed 19% return on your investment. What's more, your earnings will be tax-free! So use this JavaScript Calculator to see how much you could be earning if you increased your payment on any one of your debts.

Enter the principal balance owed:
Enter the annual interest rate:
Enter the current monthly payment amount:
Enter a monthly amount to add to the current payment:
Current Payoff Term (Months):
Revised Payoff Term (Months):
Time Saved (Months):
Current Interest Cost:
Revised Interest Cost:
Total interest savings (Return on investment):
Guaranteed Annual Rate of Return:
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