Podcast: Me 'n' My University Money

Thanks to Kyle Prevost, co-creator of My University Money, I've done a Skype interview you can check out online. Link is below, after I blather a bit.

I've meant to do podcasts for years and since I used to work in radio, it sounds easy.

You just get out the audio gear and edit a few talks about how to pay off all this student debt you've got. Or, better yet, how you can avoid this mess in the first place. 

But there are never enough hours in my day. Argh, neverrr!!!

Even this blog, for example, came to a screeching halt so I could fous on another book and workshops.

Luckily, Kyle took the initative recently to do a podcast interview for one of the personal finance websites he runs with Justin Bouchard: My University Money.

If you're a student, you might check out Kyle and Justin's book on that website, too. It's called More Money for Beer and Textbooks: A Financial Guide for Today's Canadian Student.

I've read their book, so I'll attest that it's an easy read with good tips to help you stick to a reasonable college budget.

Anyway, in our Skype interview for the podcast, Kyle and I talked about stuff like:

what made me start Student Finance 101/Debt 101 as a helpsite

what I think about Canada Student Loans (don't get me started!)

and how I'd cut my university costs if I was 18 again (hint: I'd probably hit the road)

Anyway, here's the result (yes, I love Kyle's title): Jeannine Mitchell On the Twilight Zone That is Canada's Student Loans Program.