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Remember The Real-Life Story of a Fake Guy Called Joe? Or Default Hell: Don't Go There?

Okay, maybe you don't. But since Debt 101 was founded online in 1999 (later becoming Student Finance 101 and renamed Debt 101 before returning to Student Finance 101 - sorry for the confusion!) these and dozens of other original student loan advice articles got published, patched with amendments and eventually yanked offline.

Why did they finally get the hook? Because Canada's federal and provincial student loan programs kept changing between 1999 and the present. To make it worse, getting updated information from those in charge was like pulling teeth. It became easier to scrap content rather than repair it.

Like the articles on today's Student Finance 101 site, these pioneer articles explained one or more of the following: the rules, your rights, how government programs really work, or how to get a better deal.

Just some of the early stories that bit the dust – in addition to Joe's sad story and our tale of Default Hell  – include Finding Yr Way Thru the Student Loan Maze, Toughest Credit Report Fixes, Hassles With Your Bank? and Warning!!

Yes, we had some colourful titles back then, but the help-site had to move on. But we still hope to someday have time to dust off our more colourful originals by making the corrections that would fit them in with Canada's current student loan regimes.

In the meantime, while many student loan articles on the current Student Finance 101 site are new, the list below lets you sample content from earlier versions of this help-site. Of course, updates had to be made where required: