Save Thousands with Ka-ching!

Let's first explain what Ka-ching! is.

If you’re sick of your student loans, Ka-ching! can help bootstrap you out. At this July update, it's still the #1 seller in Canada's Financial Aid - Education category, Amazon. 

This 300+ page info-packed guide is now less than $8 as an ebook. It walks Canadians and Americans through every step of a DIY student loan refinancing system that can save thousands of dollars. 

Along the way, you'll also learn other money-saving skills.

These include finding the most helpful kinds of loan repayment aid, prioritizing your student loans, a financing primer and student loan tax breaks (US and Canada). 

But mainly, Ka-ching! provides a blueprint for getting off the student loan industry grid so you can:

  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Protect your credit rating
  • Cut the stress and red tape of student loans
  • Get out of student debt faster

Written by the student finance expert behind this non-profit Student Finance 101 website, Ka-ching! was written to help fund this help-site.

It comes with extra resources, such as a loan agreement kit and customized online calculator.

As shown on our cover, the full title is Ka-ching! How your family can cut thousands off your student debt without spending a cent [seriously].

As the title implies, this is family-based. It is not about specific government loan aid programs. When a book on that topic comes out, it'll be announced on this site. 

Americans, you can buy Ka-ching! from this Amazon Kindle site.

Canadians, you may need to buy Ka-ching! from this link in Amazon Canada's site.

Canada's site lacks features such as a 'Look Inside' sampler. So if you can access the US site above, that's better. But if your Amazon account only lets you see the details on the Canadian site, here's the right page for you. 

To read the e-book Ka-ching! you don't need a Kindle.

You can use Kindle's default cloud reader, for example. Or if you'd rather avoid clouds, you can download the free Kindle app and read it on your laptop, phone, i-pad or desktop.