"Sorted" Financial Planning Tools

Sorted is a great New Zealand government-financed website on money management. It's well-designed, full of resources and it's not trying to sell anything. Sorted is a good source of independent financial advice – except about Canadian student loans, obviously!

Since student loans in New Zealand are totally different from Canada's, Student Finance 101 doesn't link to Sorted's student content. It's confusing enough just learning our own system. If you want to read it anyway, go ahead, explore their site.

But when it comes to your daily finances - and reaching your financial goals - we recommend the excellent Sorted tools linked below.

Money personality profiler

This quiz is a fun one to start with:


Planning Your Goals

Here's another great tool from Sorted:


Video Introduction to Sorted

This short video about New Zealand's Sorted financial advice website introduces Sort Me and My Plan (described further below).


Sort Me

"Your online financial check-up… By answering a few easy questions Sort Me can guide you along the road to financial fitness."

Sort Me feeds into My Plan if you want to build on the results.


My Plan

This New Zealand planning system is free of sales-pitches. You can update it and even set up emails to remind you of your goals.