Using our 'In School' Resources

If you're worried about how you'll cope with student loans once school ends, check out our In Payment articles and FAQs. You'll learn a lot of useful tips that way. But don't count on the loan repayment aid programs described there. They may or may not be there for you, since government programs sometimes change or get cancelled.

That's why you’re safest to keep student loan and credit card debts as low as possible. Be a cheapskate during school. Consider it insurance in case a student loan aid program gets cut after you graduate - or if your income won't qualify you for help. Even if the aid programs are there for you, cheapskate living will get you free of debt faster.

Student Finance 101's 'In School' resources will help you keep your debt low. And you'll find other good stuff, from In School Calculators to a research-packed Library to help you write your own papers about student financial aid and other education access issues.

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And if you have problems in your life, check out the student resources in Who to Contact for Help.