Support Your Help-Site

The Debt 101 help-site is a free community service overseen by the non-profit, BC-registered Student Finance 101 Society.

Debt 101 tries to help Canadians access their education without being overwhelmed by debt. We focus on student debt because student loans are a unique form of debt. They have rules and restrictions that few financial advisors are trained to deal with.

Student debt has become overwhelming to many Canadians. Young people fresh out of school find student debt limiting their career and family choices. Those who are older find it hard juggling student debt payments with family obligations. That's why Debt 101 was created: to help.

We don't know of any other help-site like this: open to all, free, with professionally-written advice and very comprehensive resources.

Limited sponsorship and fundraising revenues have helped cover the hard costs of maintaining this service. However, all labour except the web-related technical work is volunteer.

Since 1999, a vast amount of work has gone into this help-site. The result is a unique and wide-ranging free resource. But more needs to be done. So if anything on this help-site has been useful to you, please return the favour so we can help others.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Donate
  • Link to Debt 101 – or send links to others
  • Volunteer (for example, you can help moderate, fix glitches or build calculators)
  • Sponsor the site
  • Join our society
  • Tell your friends about Debt 101

To discuss this or any other ways to support the Debt 101 service, please Contact Us.