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The Mystery That Is Alberta


Oh, Alberta Student Loan Relief, we hardly knew ye.

We get a lot of Alberta users on this site. So I've always felt bad that we didn't have more information for them on the only program that actually reduced (by a bit) their Alberta student loan debt.

The program was called Alberta Student Loan Relief.

We’ve had a few articles, of course, but why didn’t we have more details?

Dear Albertan readers, our lack of detailed information wasn't for lack of trying.

Education Policy in the House of Cards

You may have noticed that I don't say that much about education policy on the 'Debt 101' website.
Usually, I just explain how the system works. And suggest ways for students and grads to survive it.
But of course, I'm very concerned about our higher education policy. I care about equal access and quality -- and the destructive effects of loading students up with debt.
That's wrong on so many levels - from moral to macro-economic. 

Take Your Student Debt to Saskatchewan

 Hey, unemployed university grads stressed out by debt. Let's connect some dots...

 Dot 1. Little item in the news today (Nov 29, 2011) says:

Germany’s K+S AG, Europe’s largest potash producer, is moving ahead with construction of the $3.2-billion Legacy project in Saskatchewan – the first potash mine to be built in the province in 40 years.

Hey, what happened?


Some of the changes at Student Finance 101 this week may have you rubbing your eyes. And there are further improvements on the way! We'll roll them out over the next few months.

Of course, we have a shoestring budget and we're all volunteers, so without a fairy godmother, our help-site won't look as flash as the sites of big-buck organizations. But we're proud to have so much to offer. Above all, we've got great content and our hearts are in the right place. But with the redesign work going on, we plan to serve you even better!

A Lesson from Quebec Students

To those in other provinces, Quebec students may seem to have it comparatively easy.
Ok, they don't have the greatest repayment aid system. But for years, they've had Canada's lowest tuition fees.  
Now how did that happen?
Is it because Quebec is the richest province? No. 
Is it because universities in Quebec don't have similar costs to those in, say, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta? No, no and no. 

Half-Price U? Let's Go, Canada!


Study while you work, to chop the costs? Ok, it's not a new concept, but I'm hearing some creative approaches starting up in the US and UK that Canadian universities and trade schools should take a look at.

New Series on Student Loan Bankruptcy


In so deep that you wonder if you can declare bankruptcy on your student loans? 

For years, the Debt 101 site has had resources on student loan bankruptcy. But for the first time, we've added a Q & A interview to discuss the rules in detail.

In fact, so much ground got covered when we spoke with well-known bankruptcy trustee Douglas Hoyes, that we decided to create two separate Q & As.  

Student Loan Bankruptcy - We Ask an Expert!


Want to declare bankruptcy on your student loans?

It's not easy and for most people, it's probably not the right route. But yes, it can be done.

We walk you through Canada's student loan bankruptcy rules in Debt 101's new Q & A on Student Loan Bankruptcy (Basic). In this new feature, well-known bankruptcy trustee Douglas Hoyes explains the law, then looks at real-life cases.

No Tuition Fees in Canada? "Yes We Can," says new report.

Do we need to saddle young people with student debtloads or is there an alternative?
Well, alternatives are provided in a new report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).
Just $170 a family could end undergraduate university tuition fees in Canada, according to the report from the CCPA's Education Project: Under Pressure: The impact of rising tuition fees on Ontario families.

Back to School? Advice on Student Loans, Textbooks, Schedules & More!

Starting school next term? Check out Christopher Sun's great blog series in this website: Surviving School.
Chris' back-to-school blogs are a fun read. You'll also learn some tips for dealing with the issues and dilemmas of your new life as a university, CEGEP or college student.
Here to start with are Chris Sun's 2 first Surviving School blogs: