Calculators for Everyone

Check out these specialty and basic calculators. It's a great mixed bag!

Loan Calculator

This basic loan calculator from Vancity Credit Union lets you compare the savings you make in time and money if you make your payments weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Home Budget Analysis

This budget tool from Vancity Credit Union lets you run some calculations to see where your money is going.

If the calculator inspires you to go further with this topic, see Budget Planning Aids in the Learning Centre.


Cost of Borrowing Calculator

You're probably borrowing other things, not just student loans. This useful tool can show you how to find cheaper ways to borrow – and avoid the ripoffs. The more you save on your other debt, the faster you can dump your student loans.

Check it out: How Much Are You Paying to Borrow? 

Debt 101 thanks York University Professor Moshe A. Milevsky for allowing our calculator team of UBC computer science grads to adapt his Cost of Borrowing Calculator.


'Roll Down' Your Credit Card Debt

Roll up the rim and the odds are you might get one free coffee all winter, if you're buying every day.

Much better to cut back on donuts and roll down credit card debt instead. Use this tool from the US branch of HSBC bank.

Check out the Inflation Rate

This Bank of Canada calculator is practical, not just educational on things like how prices have changed over history or what's in that consumer price index we hear about in the news.

It's actually practical to know inflation rates. That way you know how much to subtract from investments when you're trying to see what you earned in today's dollars.

Rent or Buy?

Just because you have a student loan doesn't keep you from wondering if you'd be better off if you could (somehow) find a way to buy your home.

If you think the choice may be possible for you, this Vancity credit union calculator will crunch the numbers.

And if you find you're better off renting for now, try to put those savings towards debt pay-down. That way, you'll be ready to buy in the future.


Child and Family Benefits Calculator

Planning to have kids? Moving to another part of Canada? Quebec now seems to top the list for giving support to families. But wherever you live, this federal link should easily show you what child and family benefits you're now entitled to.

This calculator includes GST credit and related provincial or territorial benefits delivered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Results depend upon the information you provide.

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