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About the double workshop announced at the recent telesummit, Dare to Soar 2021...

If you attended the Telesummit, you'll find that workshop page by clicking my workshop link on the Telesummit page.

The reason I'm not detailing more here - or linking you directly - is because it's on a private page within this public website. So if you use that link on the Telesummit page, you'll get there!

Edmonton: Free Workshop!

UPDATE: The Edmonton event is now over. This remains just for the record.
Got student debt in Edmonton? Want your student loans to disappear faster, with less stress and cost?
On Thursday, January 30, come out of the cold for our free lunchtime workshop!
"Take Control of Your Student Loans" is quite a rare event. In Alberta, it will be given for only one day this year by Jeannine Mitchell, Canada's non-profit expert in student debt management. 

Grace Means Grace in Manitoba

Umm, I don’t mean grace, like at the dinner table. Though it’s surely as sincere in Manitoba as it would be anywhere else.
No, I mean those student-loan ‘grace periods’ after you graduate.

PEI Gets Interest-Free Student Loans!

It’s front-page news here at Student Finance 101 when any province drops the interest charges on its student loans.
The last time that happened was back in August, 2009.

Toxic Assets - Part 2

admin101 - Thu, 02/02/2012 - 13:54

 Toxic Assets, by Douglas Welbanks


This guest article by Douglas Welbanks follows "Toxic Assets - Part One"

Between 1999 and 2005:

Total debt in Canada increased by 47.5%. This was largely due to two factors: the increase in the cost of purchasing a home and the increase in the proportion of families who owned a home with a mortgage.

Hey, what happened?


Some of the changes at Student Finance 101 this week may have you rubbing your eyes. And there are further improvements on the way! We'll roll them out over the next few months.

Of course, we have a shoestring budget and we're all volunteers, so without a fairy godmother, our help-site won't look as flash as the sites of big-buck organizations. But we're proud to have so much to offer. Above all, we've got great content and our hearts are in the right place. But with the redesign work going on, we plan to serve you even better!

Repayment Assistance Plan - Q & A


Repayment Assistance Plan (RAP) Q & A

Government Website Blues


The reason this non-profit website has been operating - since 1999 - was that our tax dollars still don't buy the student loan repayment information we need from Canada's provincial and federal governments.

When it comes to adequate information on these programs, most governments flunk out.

The Money-Finder Calculator