Podcast: Me 'n' My University Money

Thanks to Kyle Prevost, co-creator of My University Money, I've done a Skype interview you can check out online. Link is below, after I blather a bit.

I've meant to do podcasts for years and since I used to work in radio, it sounds easy.

You just get out the audio gear and edit a few talks about how to pay off all this student debt you've got. Or, better yet, how you can avoid this mess in the first place. 

But there are never enough hours in my day. Argh, neverrr!!!

Canada’s Tuition Fees Compared (2012-2013)

Attention, education bargain-hunters...
Let’s do a ‘Best to Worst’ follow up of my blog about Canada’s university fees out-running inflation.
As Statistics Canada outlined in that report, undergrad tuition rose this year an average 5%. The regional increases ranged from zero (Newfoundland has frozen rates) to 10.1% in Quebec.

Political Pressure Pays?

Remember when I reported Manitoba’s latest cut in student loan interest rates?
Guess I’m still thinking about it. Because I'm wondering how much of a role student lobbying played in that rate-cut.
Which of course, to students is best described in another word spelled m-o-n-e-y.  

Grace Means Grace in Manitoba

Umm, I don’t mean grace, like at the dinner table. Though it’s surely as sincere in Manitoba as it would be anywhere else.
No, I mean those student-loan ‘grace periods’ after you graduate.

Student Aid Report Sees Progress – But Not in BC

BC Hits Bottom, Manitoba is Tops

British Columbia is swimming against the tide when it comes to student financial aid. That is one of the findings of a report released October 22, 2008 by the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation.

In general, the Foundation's report, Ten Things You Need to Know About Financial Support for Post-Secondary Students in Canada, paints a fairly positive picture of recent trends in Canada's student financial aid system.