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How Big is Canada's Student Debt Today?

The Canada Student Loan Debt Clock

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) has something special on its website. A Canada Student Loan Debt clock lets you watch student debt adding up across the country. Tick-tick tick-tick tick-tick tick-tick tick-tick...

It's mesmerizing, though not as soothing as a lava lamp...J

Student Debt Burnt by Fried Potatoes

No story I've heard about student loans matches the one about the guy called 'Fried Potatoes.' You know, the direct action aficionado who erased half a billion dollars in student debt - as an art project!

It's a much more colourful version of Occupy's debt freedom project. Remember? When they bought people's student debt at the commercial price (5 or 10% of face value) and cheaply freed some lucky Americans from their heavy student loan debts? 

Political Pressure Pays?

Remember when I reported Manitoba’s latest cut in student loan interest rates?
Guess I’m still thinking about it. Because I'm wondering how much of a role student lobbying played in that rate-cut.
Which of course, to students is best described in another word spelled m-o-n-e-y.  

Last Chance for Alberta Student Loan Relief (Archive)



UPDATE: Since this was written, Alberta has now ENDED Student Loan Relief. This article just remains as an archive.


NEW: See Replacements for Alberta Loan Relief 



Alberta Student Loan Relief has been announced as ending on July 31, 2012.


Q & A on RAP - Canada's Student Loan Repayment Assistance Plan


By Rodney Noriega

Source for this Q & A: Barry Beaulieu is a policy administrator with the Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP).





Student Finance 101: Who do you contact to apply for RAP?