Oops... Media Misreads Saskatchewan Tuition Fee Rebates

In the past day or two, you may have seen media coverage announcing that the government of Saskatchewan is offering tuition fee rebates of up to $20,000.
Actually, Saskatchewan rejigged its tuition rebate-based Graduate Retention Program in it's 2008 budget. But it's still an important program -- and should be explained on our Debt 101 helpsite -- so let's go.
First, the good news.
Yes, Saskatchewan now offers up to $20,000 for recent university and college graduates from anywhere in Canada (or the world) if they get a job in Saskatchewan.
But to hit news deadlines, mass media must be written in a rush (I know, I've been there). So most of the media headlines were a bit misleading.
For example, while the program is now open to those moving to Saskatchewan, it's also been cut back from past versions. Now, it's limited to undergrad degrees.
Other caveats: To be eligible, you must have graduated from your undergrad program no sooner than 2006. And current grads will get much less than what's available to future grads. The maximum rebate is only $5,000 for 2006 or 2007 grads and it's $10,000 for 2008 grads.
The maximum $20,000 that's discussed in the media will only go to students who graduate in 2010 and beyond.
Still, that's a big break for current undergrad students who'd like to work in Saskatchewan. The tuition rebate will be based on T2202A tuition receipts and will apply if you pay into Saskatchewan’s provincial income tax system.
For the official summary of this program, see: http://www.aeel.gov.sk.ca/grp For FAQs on the program, see: http://www.aeel.gov.sk.ca/Default.aspx?DN=1267,1036,104,81,1,Documents
Debt 101 originally posted a link to a useful Canadian Press (CP) story on Saskatchewan’s rebate program. However, that CP link is no longer available.
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