Hey, what happened?


Some of the changes at Student Finance 101 this week may have you rubbing your eyes. And there are further improvements on the way! We'll roll them out over the next few months.

Of course, we have a shoestring budget and we're all volunteers, so without a fairy godmother, our help-site won't look as flash as the sites of big-buck organizations. But we're proud to have so much to offer. Above all, we've got great content and our hearts are in the right place. But with the redesign work going on, we plan to serve you even better!

Special thanks for these latest changes go to Tao Liu, the software engineer who led our calculator team through its original work back in 2009. Thanks, Tao! 

And thank you, for joining us here today. We hope you'll learn something useful and share what you learn with others. Take care.