Education Shouldn't Be a Debt Sentence!


This week, the Canadian Federation of Students launched its campaign to bring down the ever-growing costs of getting an education.

The campaign is aptly called "Education Shouldn't Be A Debt Sentence" and we at the Student Finance 101 Society have lent our support as partners. Use this link to the campaign site to see the latest facts and how to take action!

Those of us in BC are especially vulnerable to student debt problems, given the high tuition hikes of recent years, combined with recent cuts in aid. As noted on this site earlier, BC may now be the worst province in Canada for post-secondary students.

But even if you are in a region with better conditions for students, such as New Brunswick, Quebec or Manitoba, we hope you will support this national campaign, as it can benefit all of us.

Higher education (whether trades or academic) is now required to make a living wage, so it is not optional. With costs rising much faster than inflation, we feel that students should speak out before it just gets worse.

And do campaigns really work? Well, check out this blog about how Newfoundland students got their student loans without interest charges!