New! How Student Loan Aid Really Works! Q & A covers RAP, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and more!


That's right. We talk to the experts. We ask them to explain the fine print.

Okay, the fine print of student loan repayment aid rules - that sounds boring. But by learning them, you could save yourself hassle - and possibly thousands of dollars. 

That's why Student Finance 101 keeps looking for ways to explain the often-complicated student loan programs across Canada. Especially those student loan repayment programs.

You might be, like,  "just show me the manual and I'll look it up myself". Or give me a sock-puppet video. (Yes, we're looking into that).

But while we knit sock puppets and hunt student loan manuals - can anyone say "Access to Information"? - we wanted to try a simple Q & A format.

That's where we talk with officials about how their programs work. Call centre clerks do their best but since errors and confusions do happen, Q & A gives you another avenue. 

It can take time to get access to officials. But we already have three Q & As on financial aid to date and are currently working on two more.  

That doesn't count the Q & As on student loan bankruptcy. One is coming soon and one was just published. These new Q & As are with In Crisis Advice. 

Student Finance 101 researcher/writer Rodney Noriega has assembled our first financial aid Q & A pieces:

 New Brunswick's Student Loan Aid Programs. 

  Canada's Repayment Assistance Plan (RAP)

 Saskatchewan's Student Loan Aid Programs.



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