New Student Loan Calculators - Here's How to Use Them

Debt 101's calculator team has now added two new custom calculators to the In Payment Calculator section. Thanks for your great work, team!!
Our new calculators will help you manage your student loans and save money too. Check them out below..
              How Much Money Can You Get From Your Student Loan Interest Tax Credit?
Did you know you can get money back as a 'tax credit' on the part of your student loan payments that went to interest charges?
For all the juicy details, see Claim Your Student Loan Interest Tax Credit
So how much money can you get?
Find out with Debt 101's customized and original Student Loan Interest Tax Credit Calculator!
                               RRSP Or Faster Payoff of Your Student Loans?
If your job pays enough to let you save a bit, this customized and original Debt 101 calculator can help you make more money!
Our calculator will show you how to get the best return for your savings. Should you invest in an RRSP as so many people advise? Or should you use that money to make extra payments on your student loans or other debts?
This In Payment article will explain how an RRSP might compare with faster debt payoff as a financial strategy.  
Our new calculator lets you compare the 'returns' you’d get in dollars:

  • The 'return' on your extra student loan payments is the money you’d save on interest costs. 
  • The 'return' on your RRSP investment is the money you’d get from income-tax savings + what you’d earn from your RRSP investment.

Crunch and compare with the RRSP or Extra Student Loan Payments Calculator!       

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