Resources if You’re In School

Dana won a scholarship to study far from friends and family. She’s  still 18, so her parents had to co-sign her student loan. They trust her because she’s always been responsible. Dana felt deprived all through school, unable to afford what the other kids had. But now, like magic, she can borrow thousands of dollars in student loans and credit cards. She’s trying to resist, but looking at how much is already spent, she's not sure she can handle 4 years of this to get her degree.

Bryan, 36, has been in grad school so long he’s near the end of his ‘maximum lifetime’ student loan assistance. He has two kids, so his PhD took longer because he worked off-campus to supplement income from his loans, grants and teaching. The more depressed he gets about the debt he’ll soon have to pay, the more he finds himself blowing money on things he doesn’t really need.

Both Dana and Bryan are in school. They are intelligent people, but the challenges they face feel overwhelming. Of course, not every student is financially at-risk, like they are. If you're in school, you may already be a skilled money manager. Even so, you'll benefit from these In School resources.

School costs rise much faster than wages or inflation. And big debts can mess with your career goals, which were probably the reason you went to school in the first place.

By becoming expert in cutting costs and getting more student aid, you can graduate with the smallest possible debt. And you’ll be very glad you did!

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