New Series on Student Loan Bankruptcy


In so deep that you wonder if you can declare bankruptcy on your student loans? 

For years, the Debt 101 site has had resources on student loan bankruptcy. But for the first time, we've added a Q & A interview to discuss the rules in detail.

In fact, so much ground got covered when we spoke with well-known bankruptcy trustee Douglas Hoyes, that we decided to create two separate Q & As.  

 Get started with Debt 101's new Q & A on Student Loan Bankruptcy (Basic). In this feature, trustee Hoyes explains the bankruptcy rules and looks at real-life cases.

Once you have that down, you'll want part 2 of this new series: Q & A: Student Loan Bankruptcy (Complex Cases).
'Complex Cases' should be a special help if you've had to go back to school again -- or if you must discharge student loans that weren't eligible during an earlier bankruptcy. 
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