Summer Vacation: Hang Onto Your Money!


I recently spoke with Emily Minthorn at about how students can save money over summer.

Let's face it - it's hard these days to make big money during summer. Unemployment rates are still high enough that many students end up with a summer full of only part-time or occasional work. And wages are often low for student jobs, especially if your province has a low minimum or "training wage."

If this applies to you, you have to hang onto your hard-earned cash so you can start your next school year with enough money to last. Running short and resorting to credit cards is not an option. Who needs a financial crisis on top of the stress of final exams!

The catch is, summer is when your money can most easily melt away... Vacations, socializing, shopping,  travelling home - costs like these can leave you broke if you're not ready. That's why Minthorn asked for ideas that would help students keep more money for school. 

Job Postings magazine has a print version that goes to campuses. But Minthorn's "Money Zone" article (originally titled "Locked and Loaded") -- the result of our conversation -- can sometimes break pages links online. So I've attached the magazine copy here as a pdf.

Here is Minthorn's "Locked and Loaded" as it ran in the May, 2010 print issue.

I'd love to hear summer savings strategies that work for you! Just use the form in Contact Us.) 


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