The Departed: List of the Cancelled BC Student Aid Programs


In recent blogettes, I've made several references to the BC student aid programs cut so quietly this summer.  Perhaps it's time I made a list of what was cut.

And it really is a list. Almost overnight, more BC student loan aid programs were taken away than now remain.

Here's a record of 'the departed':


Premier's Excellence Award

Permanent Disability Benefits Program (after July 31)

Debt Reduction in Repayment

B.C. Loan Reduction for Residential Care Aide and Home Support Worker Programs

Health Care Bursaries

Early Childhood Educator Loan Assistance Program


While not actually cut, the Pacific Leaders Graduate Fellowship was also suspended for 2009.

What is Pacific Leaders, you ask? Well, 'Civil Service' would have been a more accurate title - but less politically appealing. Yes, the Pacific Leaders program helps repay the BC student loans of qualifying BC public servants.

At least, it will when (or if) it's un-suspended.


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