CanLearn School-Planning Tools

CanLearn (sponsored by the federal government) has some useful education-planning aids throughout its website. If you're planning for higher education, the ones listed below should be of special interest.

                                   Preparing for School


Student Planner

This planning tool helps you choose what to study – and what school to attend. Check out CanLearn's Student Planner. (Oops - CanLearn now has a broken link for their Student Planner, so we will re-activate this link as soon as it's back online!)

Career Navigator

Okay, this one isn't from CanLearn. However, the interactive quizzes in this comprehensive planning tool from Service Canada helps people choose possible occupations. Use this Career Navigator to help you pick your field of study.

Occupations Search Tool

See what education you need for those occupations above, using CanLearn's Occupations Search Tool.

Online Counsellor

Want to email school-finding questions that are not already covered in CanLearn's FAQ archives? Use the Online Counsellor.

Financial Planner

This comprehensive tool actually combines three CanLearn tools:
The Education Cost Calculator, the Budget Estimator (to help you plan for the costs of your education) and the Online Budget Planner (to help you control costs during school.) Access CanLearn's Financial Planner here.

Student Loans Estimator

What student loan amount could you get if you're a full-time student? At writing, CanLearn doesn't seem to have one for part-time students, but if you are full-time, try CanLearn's Student Loans Estimator.

CanLearn's Scholarship Search

You can also find other scholarship contact info in Useful Links, but here is one starting point: Scholarship Search.