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Ok, that's our own title for this little clip. It's actually an ad for a government-backed financial advice website in New Zealand. But it may encourage you if you're worried about your debt.

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Anti-Fraud Videos

The Bank of Canada posts a set of short videos intended for retailers, but these can also be helpful for the rest of us.

The topics are identity fraud, payment card fraud, counterfeit bank notes and cheque or money order fraud.

You can see these videos here.



Money Management Tips

First, be very wary about getting money management advice from YouTube!

When it comes to money advice, we've found that Youtube is often a stew of bad advice, rants, scams, clichés and self-promotion. High viewing numbers seem to come from catchy titles, not worthwhile content. On top of that, Canadian student loans don't fit into the American system. Maybe someday, we can roll our own Canadian independent money advice in this theatre.

Of course, there are exceptions, like the Kwantlen Student Money Tips video below.


Kwantlen Students' Money-Saving Tips

Students on a Kwantlen campus in BC give their answers to this question: What money saving tips do you have for new students?

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More Money Management Tips

Moving away from Youtube, check out these New Zealand animated videos on money topics. If you like them, you might like the Sorted tools linked in Debt 101's Learning Centre.

Mind you, these videos are about managing money in general, not specific stuff about student debt. Student debt in New Zealand is no longer the ball and chain it is here. And anyway, Canadian loans have their own system.

Though references are made to New Zealand and "ordinary Kiwis," the advice in these videos makes sense and they're kind of fun to watch. Translation: Hire Purchase means rent-to-own and Car Finance means car loan.

Managing Debt

Calculator links for the movie are in Debt 101's Learning Centre as Managing Debt movie calculators.

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Calculator links for the movie are in Debt 101's Learning Centre as Savings movie calculators.

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Setting Goals and Budgeting

Calculator links for the movie are in Debt 101's Learning Centre as Setting Goals and Budgeting movie calculators.

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Other Sorted Money Movies

This being a student debt help-site, we don't want to depress people by talking about buying houses or investing for retirement. But if you want movies on these topics, pick them from this list:

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