The 6.75% Variable Interest Rate Polka by Benjamin Keen

"Dedicated to all those other suckers out there, tied to student loans great and small," says Vancouver's Benjamin Keen in introducing this little masterpiece.

Nice to play when you're on hold with your student loan service bureau. Add it to your iPod?

Or if you get calls from collection agents, next time you see that number on your call display, you can set your phone up against the speakers, turn on Keen's polka and do a little dance. (Just kidding. Always talk to the collections agent. But you could keep this on as soothing background sound.)

Hear: 6.75% Variable Interest Rate Polka

Student Loan Song by C. Richaude

Youtube's intro says this is "C. Richaude doing what he does best...clowning and acting a fool."

Ok, the sound needs adjustment, but C. Richaude can sing. Points to whoever knows the name of his background vocalist.

And it's catchy.  "Ain't gonn' pay my student loan if I don't graduate…"

Watch Student Loan Song