Education Costs and Access


The following two authors are well-known for contemporary reports on higher education costs in Canada. They have conflicting views on many points, but this serves to expand debate.

Many other authors can be found throughout the Library, categorized by their topics or the titles of their report series. You can see sample papers for these authors by clicking on their names. 




Allen, Robert (e.g. Paid in Full)

Economist Robert Allen is a Professor of Economics at UBC and a research associate with CCPA (the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives).Dr. Allen's research in papers such as Paid in Full enriches debate about the costs of higher education by examining the data behind our current assumptions.




Usher et al, Alex (e.g. Income Contingency)

Alex Usher is Canada's Director of the Educational Policy Institute (EPI), which conducts research on higher education issues. The first national director of CASA (Canadian Alliance of Student Associations), Mr. Usher has written or co-written many reports and studies on approaches to the cost of higher education. Many were written during his tenure with the Canada Millenium Scholarship Foundation.





Debt and Credit


The following author has not specialized in student finance issues but is listed here because he writes on the topic of consumer debt in Canada. His books and articles often mention student loans.


Welbanks, Douglas (e.g. Toxic Assets)


Douglas Welbanks, is the former Director of Debtor Assistance and Debt Collection for British Columbia. He is an author and director on the board of the Debtor Assistance Society.