Last Chance for Alberta Student Loan Relief (Archive)



UPDATE: Since this was written, Alberta has now ENDED Student Loan Relief. This article just remains as an archive.


NEW: See Replacements for Alberta Loan Relief 



Alberta Student Loan Relief has been announced as ending on July 31, 2012.


Since this is now an automatic program, most eligible grads should have received it by then.


But automatic programs don’t catch everyone who is eligible.


You may need to apply if you finished school years ago and didn’t get it then. Or if you forgot to state on your most recent loan application that you were taking your final school year.


You may also need to apply if you didn’t take Alberta Student loans this year but have in the past - and will be graduating by July 31, 2012.


Don’t stress out over this. Even if you qualify for (but haven’t received) Alberta Student Loan Relief, the amount of debt that's forgiven is normally fairly modest. But there’s no point losing good money, so do check it out. 


Just don’t wait until late July. Mistakes happen, papers get lost - and when the program deadline is past, it’s really over.



If you don’t think you collected your Alberta Student Loan Relief, here’s our suggestion:


Phone ALIS (Alberta Learning Information Services) to see if you qualify. If you qualify, hurry and apply. ALIS will tell you how (and we have an application form below).


After you apply, check to see that ALIS received it. Write down the name of the clerk who says it’s arrived, in case they later say it did not.


If you need more info:


Article in Student Finance 101


ALIS (government website) with contact listings on the right.


Finally, here’s the Alberta Student Loan Relief application...


UPDATE: Since the program has ended, we've removed the application form to avoid confusion. This article is now an archive.