Alberta: Replacements to the Cancelled Student Loan Relief

Many Alberta residents use this website. So we wanted to write a Q + A to give full details about two replacement programs announced when the popular Alberta Loan Relief program got cancelled back in 2012.

These replacements were supposed to be a 'Completion Incentive Grant' and a 'Retention' grant intended to discourage grads from moving to other provinces.  

Getting the details has been hard. Other advanced education ministries in Canada have been happy to discuss their student loan aid programs. But officials at Alberta's Enterprise and Advanced Education Ministry declined our requests to explain their programs. Despite a promise made after they cancelled Loan Relief, they've gone back to ignoring our email and phone requests to learn the rules.

 Albertans, you must have the most secretive government in Canada - outside of Harper's federal Conservatives. Check out The Mystery That Is Alberta.

Rather annoying when you consider these politicians are being paid with taxpayer's money to run a supposed democracy.

So we can only link you to minor details on the Completion Incentive Grant page (below) of Alberta's government website.

Government website pages often change, which can cause broken links. But we'll do our best to update for you.

As for the Retention Grant announced by Alberta’s government in 2012, it may not have begun! Unless it's been renamed and isn't publicized online. Yes, more mystery...

The following is all we were able to learn from Alberta's government about the supposed Retention Grant, back in June of 2012. It was in a press release: 

"A 'Retention Grant' will give $1,000 to graduates who work in Alberta for three years in essential occupations. These occupations will be listed by the government at a later date. This new Alberta loan repayment aid grant is expected to start on August 1, 2012."

Again, we have yet to learn more about this proposed grant. As of 2014, we see nothing more on the government's website. But it sounds as if few people would have qualified for that $1,000 anyway.

So for more information on what's replaced Alberta’s former Loan Relief program, all we can do is link you to the Student Aid Alberta page below. This should also let you access the application form. Good luck!

Alberta’s Completion Incentive Grant