Using our "In Payment" Resources

"In Payment" articles, FAQs and resources assume that you're still in 'good standing' with your student loans. That means you haven't defaulted and are still eligible for loan repayment aid if your income gets low.
So "In Payment" would apply whether you're actually making student loan payments or getting a payment break through Interest Relief or a Repayment Assistance Plan. If you're in good standing, you can take advantage of the strategies and repayment aid programs covered here.
If you’re making payments on 'defaulted' student loans, you certainly are "in payment" in practical terms. But it means your loans are not currently in good standing so you're paying a collection agency or special government department. In this case, use the In Payment section for whatever fits your situation, but In Crisis will probably be more relevant to you.
Saving is important when you're in payment. You want to get you out of debt fast so you can enjoy your money! And you'll definitely save money using In Payment articles and FAQs, especially when you combine them with the In Payment Calculators. You’ll find more penny-pinching tips by scanning In School.
In Payment doesn't mean you might not feel like you're in crisis. If you're struggling to keep up with student loans or other debts, use In Crisis advice to get back on solid ground.
Student Finance 101 has lots of other good stuff for you, from Aid Application Forms if you're having trouble accessing forms to the Learning centre and Money Theatre.
One day, your student loans will be paid and gone. But if it gets ugly in the meantime, be sure to use the practical resources in Who to Contact for Help.
Finally, check out the REAL Rules so you can get all the help you really qualify for.