Canada’s Student Loan Rates Compared (2013-2014)

As mentioned in my last blog, Canada’s federal (and most provincial) governments reap a hidden tax from the low and middle-income students who need to borrow student loans. 
These governments borrow money at a discount (at least 1% below the ‘prime’ rate). At present, that lets them borrow at 2% or less. Then they charge up to 400% more on student loans.

Canada’s Hidden Tax On Low-Income Students

I like to mix up our blog topics. But we need to return to this student loan interest theme because it’s costing Canadian students billions.
Let’s do the math.

Political Pressure Pays?

Remember when I reported Manitoba’s latest cut in student loan interest rates?
Guess I’m still thinking about it. Because I'm wondering how much of a role student lobbying played in that rate-cut.
Which of course, to students is best described in another word spelled m-o-n-e-y.